We were supposed to catch a “collectivo” (which is pick up used as a bus by local workers) to reach the national park, 14km further up. According to the Bible Lonely planet, it is really easy as they are numerous. We start hiking through the village at 6.20a.m, thinking that we will hijack one of them on the way. Well, one hour and a half (and a river crossing) later, we had seen only one car…in the wrong direction. 1 hour after we could hear a noise…is it a car?…where does it come from? YYYYEEESSSS. This one is for us. Well, kind of. We probably did 60m before it stops for fixing the engine. A few attempts and we moved…for 100 more meters. One of the tires is flat. And we had to fix it. 20′ later the car bring us to his destination which is by far not our yet. The guys told us that we missed about 4km. Sounds correct. Let’s go further. 2 hours and a half later we finally got to the entrance!! From there we took a 3.7 km trail trough the pristine cloud forest. Highlights of the trail: we saw a toucanette and some rodent after 50m and walked the rest without seeing anything else. 13.00 we are ready to descend, on the way up we met a guy with an old jeep an we asked him at what time he was going to leave, he said at 2pm… well we almost run to his finca to see if he is still there. He his!! cool no 15km descend, furthermore, it turns out that the guy is from the government and is supervising the preparatives for coming coffee harvesting season (December). He tells us a lot about coffee and all the process before your coffee-machine, really really interesting. On the way down we visited a second finca where we discussed with the owner Don René about some more coffee related stuff. We are exhausted but it was really worth it.