5.45am i run to the dock to see if the ferry is running… 6.13: YESSS! Despite the bad weather we can finally leave.
In La Ceiba we catch a desert storm cargo bus to go to a lodge on the rio Canjrenal where we’ll raft and spend a relaxing afternoon and night recovering from the Utilean party effort. After a short briefing we hit to the river and start… praying :-/ Litteraly we all hold hands and our guide asks for a safe trip and clear guiding… mmm let’s hope!
We start doing some playing in the chilly river: crossing, swimming, jumping, climbing and diving. The highlight of the upstream training is a 10m cliff jump, only difficulty is the way to get there. First a 5m height jump in the river, then swim hard to the other side and finally get a carabiner hocked to the live vest or, as it happened to our beloved hero, get it straight on the front tooth and break it in halves… not bad uh!? Check the smile!!! (hockey fans don’t I recall you Keith Fair!?).
After floating back to the raft we start our paddling, we have some really cool class 3 and 4 rapids to pass and the river is much narrower then back home. Our raft takes only 5 peoples so the ride is much more agitated and rough. Really really cool!
Unfortunately we cannot spend our relaxing afternoon there since it seems like I’ve to go to the dentist… I’m lovin’ it!
4 hours later I’ve my tooth again and another appointment for the day after to have the tooth nerve extracted.