Finally we can leave La Ceiba, destination Copan Ruinas with a super direct-20$-bus not bad uh? NO, BAD BAD BAD! The super direct bus stops for 3 hours in San Pedro Sula… F()*(çERç*çK!
Whatever we get to Copan in the afternoon and we discover that the same evening there will be an Oktoberfest!!!
After some rest we go to the fest… Volksmusik, Weisswürste, Sauerkraut und Bieeeeeerrrr(you can buy a 1 liter Krug) ! Echt Spitze! Later in the evening the Uff-ta-ta (the band) starts organizing games with the public… the last one being drink-your-one-liter-as-fast-as-you-can and having myself as a participant… as i get on the stage the 3 other concurrents ask me about my drinking habits and I say that as I was young (asterix times for the ones that can recall these days), I used to drink a “bit” but now I just drunk few beers some times ;-)
anyway 3…2…1…go! Jug… jug… jug… jug… I’ve to breathe… jug… jug… jug… jug… I’ve to breathe jug… jug… jug… finished… man I’m not used to that any more, but the locals have still half Krug and everybody is screaming LO SUIZO, LO SUIZO, the band stands up and says PROSIT, boys jump around, Ladies are crying, girls are throwing their bras at me and two naked Swedish twins run to me and start kissing me… Ok, Ok, a bit exagerated but the Lo Suizo part is true!
My stomach is really upset with me and I go for a walk and subsequent sleep… :-) ah btw I won a Krug that sais Oktoberfest Honduras! As if I didn’t have enough stuff to carry around!
Cheers Marco