Here is the plan. Today we have to climb till the camp at 4000m where we gonna spend the night. And tomorrow at 3.40 am we will do the rest to the top to see the sunrise.
First of all we had to take tree buses to arrive at the starting point. The ascent was not to difficult. Even if we lost 2 American guys from L.A on the way (Too much air probably.. ;-) )and that we had to break every 20 min.. then came the setting of the camp (OK, still active) and the night. Beautiful by the way, as always in mountain when it is not cloudy, you can see multitude of stars. But in the other side, it means as well that it is going to be cold! And cold, it was. Very. Just imagine that we carry only summer staff with us. I had a t-shirt, two pullover, a king of polar jacket that a just bought for 4 us$ the day before, and a wind jacket. I was still cold. I pass that memorable/unforgettable night in the sleeping bag (comfort zone 6 °c but it was freezing..) without a minute of sleep just waiting 4am to wake up and finally move.