So, finally in our inbox there could be a date for the embassy appointment… and there it is: all November is full then sometime in December… S*ç%)(+!T no good. Luckly around 10am THE GOOD NEWS is there: Dear applicants, you’ll be interviewed on the 19th Nov. 2007 at 13.00!!! YESSSSSS FINALLY!!! now, of course we think that we are all done but it is not so, we’ll spend the whole day going to the bank, filling e-forms (of course being a male between 16 and 46 doesn’t help –> one more form where they ask me among other things where I’ve been the last 10 years… as if i knew!) and sending everything again. For dinner we want to celebrate the appointment with a raclette at the local Swiss restaurant… closed on Monday and Tuesday, guess what day is the 13th!? You say Monday!? No, is Tuesday… whatever.