The advertising was: ” Experience Tikal by sunrise” ..mhh.. appealing! We thought less people, good light to take picture, Let’s sign up! The mini bus picked us up at 3.45 a.m. As usual, I was really lucky to get in the bus at last. No more seat for me, so I had to sit somewhere between the sits and the door. Bouhhh! I wanted to finish my kind of night during the 1 hour drive! When we got there we had to walk for 15 min and climb on top of a pyramid located on one side of the site, just in front of the sunrise. 5 a.m, we can not see a thing. 5.30 a.m it is event worst. the fog is so thick, we have to concentrate to see something (not to say that an hysteric u.s girl told me to shut up because it was something you could do only once in your life, so just meditate!).. at that point you are so happy to have woken up so early.
We then did the guided tour, which was pretty short and not really interesting. We discovered later one that our guide did it on purpose. He had another guided tour 1 hour later:-( Anyway, we have the “Bible ” with us, so we did the tour again. The weather went better and better, so we could take nice pictures with blue sky!