We had signed up to dive the magical and famous Blue Hole (don’t worry, if you are not a diver, you won’t know it!). It was a 2 hour boat ride to get there, so I took my motion sickness pills. I was little anxious of the pills effect plus the deep dive and I felt myself pretty high but I guess this the good attitude if you have 10 sharks surrounding you. I found them really beautiful in this dark blue water ( yeah it is dark at 42m deep!). There were Bull and black tip sharks. Not bad. We then stopped on a protected island for the lunch break. The weather was horrible and it was pretty cold. We saw lots of birds called bubbies, with red throat that work like a chewing gum bubble when they want to flirt with femals… The next 2 dives were really nice. Wonderful colors, lots of fishes and sponges. The ride home was long and agitated, but it was worth it.