So So, we’re getting close to our last stop of our awesome trip… Playa del Carmen. After a slow morning in merida we try to take a bus that does not exist and after some running around we are moving… the 4 hour trip is confortable (yes, mexican busses are definitly another class) and i’ve plenty of time to think about what I want to show to / do with Sarah in Playa (for the ones that do not know, I lived in playa 5 months last summer). Well it turns out that there is a lot that I want to show her, foremost Bars, Restaurants and Cenotes.
As we get to playa we go to hotel moms get a room and go to la famiglia for a REAL PIZZZZA!!! mmmmmm yummmy, this Italian immigrants are tooo cool! After the superb meal, we go to la ranita where, guess what, I meet some old friends, too cool, exactly as if I left yesterday!
cheers Marco