it was an “only” a 4 hours drive to el chalten (hihaaaa)! there was even a “pee stop” in the middle of nowhere. Just a “panaderia” that we seemed to wake up! For the explanation, the sun rise around 9.30 a.m here so everything you do around this time is really early for the locals. Anyway it was really funny, among the customers..a cow and a guanaco ( it is like a lama/alpaca). At the same time, we discovered that guanacos could be domesticated. They are acting like dogs.

Marco’s note: “Remakably enough, on the panaderia window full of stickers the coolest one was “un cuore bianco-blu”… for the non hockey fans it’s a simbol for the hockey club ambri piotta… I wonder how many sportteams worldwide have their stickers 15000 Km from home ona a remote panaderias window…”
The arrival in el chalten is amazing: perfect weather with no clouds. The Fitz Roy range is majestic so we decided to go walking for a while after finding an hostel for the night. In the bible lonely, it was written that most of the town was closed during the low season but we didn’t expect some kind of total shut down. After an hour walking in this small town, we found one and it looked that we were the only tourist staying for the night!