With the swiss national team playing that day, we thought that we could visit a small village nearby called colonia suiza and watch the match with swiss people because this place has been founded by two swiss French family (the mermod and the goys) about 3 generations ago.What a bad idea! To get there, we were supposed to take the bus…45min later and no bus we hitchhiked with success. The village really looked like a small Switzerland with little chalet and swiss flags all over the place but unfortunately the weather was not on our side! it was raining cats and dogs and as it was “only” 11 a.m everything was closed…A nice guys found us 30 min quasi in an hypothermic state in front of his chocolate shop and offered us the Argentine hospitality: mate in his shop. He told us that no more swiss were leaving there and …that they didn’t had cable TV!let’s go back to the hostel with the first bus! the hostel had a big flat screen television…(no comment on the result!)