So, here we are, the wine-country of mendoza. All the best argentinian wines come from her and of curse, we’re goin to taste as many as possible.

We dedicated the first and second day to visiting the lovely city, watching euro08 games, eating and drinking fine and working on the usual web project.

The last day we (Sarah, Me and Vincent – a swiss guy we met at the hostel) take a bus to the nearby town Maipu of where all the vineyards are. Once we get there we try to rent a bike but we decide that it is too expensive and that hitchhiking will do.

First stop the wine museum, unfortunately we get there 10 minutes to late and we have to wait after the lunch break so we decide to go and look for some food. The only thing nearby is the “Chateaux de la Griffouniere” a small wine house that prepares awesome empanadas. We buy a dozen empanadas, 2 bottles of wine and have a mini picnic. An our late we return to the museum (late again) and we get to join an already started visit. At the end we get to taste a generous glass of very good malbec. A short walk and some hitchhiking and we get to the next wine makers where a young pretty girl (Vincent is in love) shows us around and lets us taste four different wines. At the end we decide to buy one more bottle and sit down in the vineyards to debate some post modern philosophy issues… ;-)

Another hitchhike on the back of a truck and a small bus ride and we’re back in mendoza ready for some great spagetti alla carbonara!