Well it was a long day on the road but just fantastic. The morning was meant to be a 50 km – 2 hours and a half of driving to a small village named Iruya so you can imagine the road conditions. Well we could have been on time if we hadn’t flat the tire about 10 km after the start. Mhhh- Mhhh. We kind of agreed to keep going with the spare tire. Apparently and according to the bus driver, in this small village, somebody is repairing tires…not sure but we will see. And the guy was right, so in 45 min and for …2 Swiss francs we had a brand new old tire! The village is a tranquil place with amazing surroundings with impressive colorful mountains. It really worthed the long ride. Back to Humahuaca, we continued to the famous “Quebrada de Humahuca” and the “Sierro de siete Colores” at Pumamarca. It is a marvel. Let you enjoy the pictures.