Finally the bus company tells us that the Paso de Jama road (around 5300m) has been cleared from snow and that we can leave for Chile. The ride is magnificent, form Salta (around 1000m) it’s all up, we pass Jujuy, Pumamarca, Salinas Grande and finally after an incredible valley, get to the Argentinian border (4000m). From there the road keeps on climbing and we get into the highest part of the Atacama desert (the driest worldwide) where the Andean cordillera is mainly made of 6000m high volcanoes. As we start descending we are at 5300m, it’s the highest point of the whole trip and the headache we all have confirms it. A short ride down, some customs formalities and we’re in Chile.

San Pedro is a town like there are in every country: small, pretty and full of tourists. It is a pleasant place to stay and the fact that we’re there during the year’s biggest celebration makes everything even better. The day of San Pedro y Pablo is when all the local and neighboring communities converge to San Pedro to venerate the town protector with a parade of dance, music and alcohol (not necessary to mention that the night was short).