Ok, let’s do a bit of geo trivia:
– which countries share Borneo? (easy)
– which one is the richest one? (easy)
– what is it’s capital name? (medium)
– what is it’s ruler complete name and how much did he invest in a Country club? (hard)

Got them?
Here the answers:
– (ordered by percentage) Indonesia (Kalimatan), Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak), Brunei Darussalam

– Brunei, thanks to it’s oil fields

– Bandar Seri Begawan, also known as BSB

– the complete name take 2 lines and I can’t recall it… The empire hotel and country club costed 1 Billion US$

Well, you guessed it, we are in Brunei right now. Pretty interesting place, fairly different from sabah, it looks richer and along the road you can actually see rain forest and not oil palm! Which is nice, very nice!
We are here just for two days, tomorrow we’ll leave for Miri in Sarawak and then to Gunung Mulu!

BSB is a small city (90000 inhabitants, Brunei has 400000) with coupple of interesting Mosques and a museum filled with presents to the Sultan by other heads of state… Funny what they give each other… I wouldn’t want to keep those things in my house, ehm palace (did I mention the sultan’s palace is 200000 sqm and has 1788 rooms?)…

For the rest, we had a very chill day walking around and in the evening had an interesting conversation about brunei/immigration/chinese/oil/switzerland/… With a local journalist.