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12 Oct

Climbing in the mud…

Breakfast 7a.m, start 8a.m. We knew that it was going to be a long, very long day. Well, it was. 3h30 to the summit and 4h down. In between it was raining, the trail transformed either in a small river or mud pools. Terrific! our goal was the lagoon at the top of the Volcan […]

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11 Oct

San Juan del Sur – Ometepe Island

Well, nothing special today, just an another on the road again day. Chicken bus followed the kind of ferry which make you think that you could go faster by swimming. The island looks really nice, even if we can’t see the two volcanoes. We end up in a beautiful finca close to the second volcano […]

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10 Oct

Best nica waves!?

We wanted to improve our surf in the best waves of Nicaragua”. It will be for another time. First of all it was raining like hell when we arrived there and apparently it was the worst day of the season “wave speaking”. You should know that October is not the best month to travel through […]

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09 Oct

San Juan del Sur

One month of travel and none of us has been sick, yet… today is Sarah’s turn, she is not to well and we decide to have an easy day hanging around in San Juan.In the afternoon, the newly discovered surfer in me makes us move to the beach and with my shiny pink board I […]

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08 Oct

Tamarindo – San Juan del Sur

Nicaragua here we are. Today is crossing border day, apparently the worst crossing of the whole trip. So we decided to take an international bus which, although being a bit more expensive, should speed up the process of crossing. It did, beside the fact that we had to wait a couple of hours on the […]

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07 Oct

Surfing the Pacific

After a relaxing did-nothing-day we move our asses to the pacific and go surfin’… well go surfin’ is a big statement, we take our first two hours lesson! Fitted with 8ft boards we go to the beach where Santiago tells us how to stand up… remember the cutie in point break teaching Keanu!? Well he […]

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06 Oct

Party time

Well meeting 3 friends in Costa Rica does not happen too often, having met Cedric and Mily (kind of planed) and Steffi from Laax (walking around) we decided that we had to go partying… By coincidence, that night at Babylon there is a Reggae festival which we won’t miss although the entrance fee of 7$ […]

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05 Oct

Diving Isla Catalina

So, finally today was time to dive again! The target is the Isla Catalina, around 45 min of navigation from Tamarindo. It is our first dive in this side of the pacific so we’re exited about maybe seeing mantas, eagle rays and sharks…During the boat ride we see couple of Green Turtles couples having their […]

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04 Oct

Monteverde – Tamarindo

As usual we had to wake up at 5a.m to take the first bus to Tamarindo. We had rode that this road was Costa Rica’s worst! Well it was. First of all, the early bus was canceled, which is really annoying when the only reason why you woke up that morning is to take this […]

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03 Oct


Today we decided to do some “adventurous” stuff… Canopy gliding, aka Tirolean lines. Basically you glide on an cable from a three to another using a pulley. Sounds like fun to me, Sarah tells me that it’s ok (she already did it in CH) but not the biggest thrill ever. We go anyway to see […]

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02 Oct

Arenal – Monteverde

Instead of doing 8 hours bus, we had the choice to take a jeep-boat-jeep trip a little bit more expensive but saving us at least 4 hours. They have apparently improved the road because it was a van-boat-van..less adventurous! Anyway the boat trip on the lake located just behind the volcano was beautiful. At our […]

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30 Sep

Hot springs by Volcan Arenal

The perfect volcano cone in la Fortuna is still active and you can always see fumes smoking from the top as well as lava flowing the volcano sides. That’s what we did tonight, watching the lava. We took a trail in the forest in order to go nearer, but still far enough not to be […]

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29 Sep

Tortuguero – San Jose – La Fortuna

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28 Sep

Canoe – Jungle Trail

The wake up was early, 5a.m., because you know it is always better to paddle along the river when it is not too hot and being before other groups is a good idea as well. The first our was perfect. We could hear the howler monkey from deep in the jungle, admire lots of birds, […]

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27 Sep

San Jose – Tortugero

After 4 hours bus, we had to take a boat to arrive at Trotuguero. A wonderful journey. The river was meandering and the boat “carving”. We even saw two alligators on the way!!! Rules n°3: even if you are hot, don’t put your hand in the water…Tortuguero was a quiet fishermen village reconverted in a […]

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26 Sep

Volcan Poas

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25 Sep

San Jose

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24 Sep

Jimenez – San Jose… with the best bus ever

Well today we wanted to go to Chirripo… the highest point of Costa Rica… but guess what? well as we get close it’s raining like hell. but lets go back a bit in the day… 6am the bus leaves, we are supposed to get to our destination, San Isidro, by 11… forget it… the “good-looking” […]

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23 Sep

Kayaking in the mangroves

The day after we go kayaking in the mangroves but we are not as lucky as in Corcovado… we get to see some cool stuff but it is really really hot and the sun strong (ask Sarah’s legs…) and on the way back on the pacific ocean we don’t see any dolphins… buh the really […]

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22 Sep

Corcovado national park

5.25 am… damned early but the collectivo leaves at 6… the ride is semi bone-crunching but worthed… we get to Carate where we have to walk for about an hour on the beach to get to the park.. ah yeah and as first thing cross a river witch due to the rainy season is a […]

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21 Sep

Neilly – Puerto Jimenez

After a night in a strange hostel we leave early to Puerto Jimenez, our base for visiting the Corcovado national Park.The ride is much shorter than we thought… for once cool!in Puerto we just walk around and make some plans for the following days.

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20 Sep

Cerro Punta – Neilly

Today we went walking to Guadalupe, a tiny town above 2000m… really cool, we almost stay another night but then we decide to move to Costa Rica. Through winding roads we get to a small border consisting of two houses connected by a dirt road. Really smooth to cross, this the Rio Sereno border. And […]

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19 Sep

Bocas – Cerro Punta

So, time to leave Bocas (and Panama) and move towards Costa Rica. We cross back to David again and then move on to Cerro Punta. But before we need money, so let’s go to the ATM… ups does not work… next-one neither… S#%&T we don’t have enough to leave nor to stay. so we start […]

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18 Sep

Diving Bocas del Toro

After a we-gonna-do-nothing day(no, no! no hangover), let’s enjoy a two tank boat dive. We start by the dolphin watch in the bay, pretty cool. A pitty that we are not allowed to go swimming with them. The dives are ok, nothing special. The visibility is about 5m and the water is very warm, maybe […]

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16 Sep

Boquete – Bocas

The journey through the mountain to get to the coast is beautiful and i manage not to get motion sick After a 30′ ride on an highspeed boat welcome to Bocas. That’s it! I have been dreaming of tall, blond and sexy surfers for ages …well, it’s rainy season and there is no waves, thus […]

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15 Sep

3500mm annual waterfall? Are you kidding me!?

No way it is possible, yes it is, 3500 mm is the average annual waterfall in the Boquete region… and we had a good proof today. After waking up at 5.30 to climb the Volcan Baru we decided that the weather was to bad to go for a 10 hour and 2000m hike and went […]

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14 Sep

Boquete, it rains…

we are now in the highlands of Chiriqui, more precisely in Boquete. Boquete is a small town with an awesome settling, lush forest allround, beautiful mountains and nice peoples, only drawback in the 3 days we spent here it has almost allways been raining… who care, we get to relax a bit!If tomorrow the weather […]

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09 Sep

Central America – here we are!

So, finally no more work only our passion, traveling!yesterday (9th Sep 07) we flew from Curacao to Panama where we started our 3 month trip with destination Playa del Carmen, MX.After unpacking in the hostel we went for food and guess what… we found a swiss restaurant… so not having had any swiss food for […]

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08 Sep

some shots of curacao

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30 Jun


here i’m

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