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27 May

Puerto Madryn – El Calafate

Getting to Southern Patagonia is not really tricky, it just takes a fair amount of either time or money… you know what we have more no!? After the 18H from BA to Puerto Madryn we add 20 to Rio Gallego (for my Geography friends 52° S and just a couple of Hours from the Magellan […]

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26 May

Diving with Sea Lions

DIVE VIDEO___ Oh my god we were so excited! diving with sea lions, can you imagine that! It was luckily a beautiful day and it helped us putting our 2 x 6mm wet suit on, which -i translate- means that it was going to be damned cold. And it was…13 ° C! ouahhhhhhhhh ( that’s […]

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25 May

Whales in Puerto Madryn

After a 19 hours bus ride from BA, we are kind of tired (even though the bus are comfi it’s boring, very boring) but the weather is wonderful so we decided to have our late lunch on the beach. it was weird, we thought we were both hallucinating but finally after asking each other, it […]

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23 May

Off to Patagonia

One of my (and Sarah’s) dream trips has always been Patagonia… A remote place with beautiful rugged landscapes. We always hear from friends or fellow traveler that it’s an amazing place and we definitely should go once… well, our plan was to head to Mendoza and region after our awesome week in BA… BUT, 2 […]

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23 May

Buenos Aires 16-23.5

After almost a year leaving in small places, it is now time for some days in a big city… Buenos Aires is the starting point of our South American trip. We arrive on a Friday morning in a fairly destroyed status since the plane had a personal entertainment console with dozens of movies, series, documentaries […]

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13 May


So, after a month in Playa is time to move to Miami and visit our friends Mike and Elena. We met them in Curacao when they were having a vacation after flying their boss to his boat… yep they are jet pilots! very cool! CU

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10 May

It’s been a year…

well, we were supposed to leave Switzerland for 6 months and here we are, still around after a full year and 4 more months to go!!! really cool… taratatataaaa I’m lovin’ it!

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03 May

la cucaracha, la cucaracha….lalalala!

not to say that having a cockroach in your pant is really, really disgusting! Well, that’s the joy of going to the bathroom here in Mexico. ( note to myself: never ever experience that again)

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30 Apr

Life in Playa

Well, at the moment we are enjoying the sun of Playa del Carmen, kind of a second home in Mexico for me. Also, we are working a big webdesign project wich is taking up a lot of time, but it’s very interesting! Also, I’m (Marco) trying to organize a technical cave diving course… we’ll see […]

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15 Apr

Snow to Beach

Like yin and yang, winter and summer, snow and sand come and go… And yes, after a loooong snooooowy winter, we are in mexico again! it’s awesome to feel nice and warm again! cheers Marco

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14 Apr

Our only spring day of the year in Denver

Yep, today was the one and only spring day in our 2008… and we spent it in the beautiful city center of Denver!

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