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21 Mar

450′ of Snow in Steamboat

STEAMBOAT POSTS RECORD BREAKING CHAMPAGNE POWDER® SNOW SEASON With more than 37 feet (11.5 m) of Champagne Powder® snow this winter, the Steamboat Ski Resort will finish the 2007/2008 season in record fashion, breaking its previous season snow record of 447.75 inches set in 1996/1997. And We ARE Here!!! c u soon with the upcoming […]

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06 Dec

Beach to Snow

The BIG day… We move to winter!!!With all our diving gear we take the direct flight to Denver, Colorado where some, hopefully, good snow will be waiting for us.

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03 Dec

Diving Tajma Ha and Chikin Ha

Finally-we-made it do go diving a Cenote with el Dengue, an old friend from my IDC, I decide to take them to Tajma Ha and Chikin Ha, two cenotes that are not so famous among cavern divers but are definetly worthed the visit!!! we had 2 really good dives! and lot of fun!

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02 Dec

Beach Day

Today there is finally wind in playa… So we hope Sarah might get to kitesurf a bit… “unfortunately”, wind means also that Mickey has to work with his kite students… so we just hang out on the beach and enjoy the sun… anyway we’ll be back!!!

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01 Dec

Diving Gran Cenote and Dos Ojos

Being a diver in Yucatan and not going to the Cenotes would be almost a capital sin so I took Sarah for some dives… first we drove to Tulum to go to Gran Cenote. After a great dive, we jumped in the car and after a quick check of Cenote Calavera we drove to Dos […]

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30 Nov

Merida – Playa

So So, we’re getting close to our last stop of our awesome trip… Playa del Carmen. After a slow morning in merida we try to take a bus that does not exist and after some running around we are moving… the 4 hour trip is confortable (yes, mexican busses are definitly another class) and i’ve […]

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29 Nov

Uxmal and Merida

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28 Nov

Caye Caulker – San Pedro – Corozal – Chetumal – Merida

LOOOOONG trip today… we first wanted to go to Belize city and then bus to Merida, but sitting at the dock after 2 days of rain and being only 30 min from “La isla bonita” (san pedro … remember the Madonna song?) made us change our plan… we went to san pedro spent couple of […]

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27 Nov

Rain and chill in Caye Caulker

oh, well… Caribbean doesn’t always mean sun… but being in Caye Caulker in a rainy day is a really relaxing thing… you basically don’t do anything!

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26 Nov

Diving the Blue Hole

We had signed up to dive the magical and famous Blue Hole (don’t worry, if you are not a diver, you won’t know it!). It was a 2 hour boat ride to get there, so I took my motion sickness pills. I was little anxious of the pills effect plus the deep dive and I […]

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25 Nov

Flores – Caye Caulker

Let’s go to Belize! the day is a transit day to the Caye Caulker island. But I just wanted to add that for the first time being French and carrying a French pass is not sooo bad! Marco had to pay 25 $ to enter Belize! hihihi! And it was free for me..

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24 Nov


The advertising was: ” Experience Tikal by sunrise” ..mhh.. appealing! We thought less people, good light to take picture, Let’s sign up! The mini bus picked us up at 3.45 a.m. As usual, I was really lucky to get in the bus at last. No more seat for me, so I had to sit somewhere […]

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23 Nov

Rio Dulce – Flores

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22 Nov

Finca el Paraiso

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21 Nov


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20 Nov

Antigua – Rio Dulce

oh yeah!!! bus day, boring day! On the other side, the lodge we found was a good choice! It is in the mangrove and we have our own bungalow!!! The owner are swiss so they have Rösti on the menu…

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19 Nov

The appointement

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18 Nov


For the ones who do not know Szonszo (Mattia Sansossio) well, he his one of my best friends BUT receiving an email from him is rarely related with pleasure… even less pleasure is derived by a mail labeled URGENTISSIMO (very very urgent). Lets give some background information: he is the guy that “runs” the youth […]

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17 Nov

Copan – Antigua and a fondue

Seams like we are getting really lucky with the places we stays and eat lately. After a long trip we got back to Antigua and, not knowing where to go eat (remember, Antigua is a restaurants paradise) we decide to check out Panza Verde, astonishing place with a swiss (Lausannois) chef. Before going in we […]

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16 Nov

Semuc Champey

“The place where the river goes under the earth”, that is what Semuc Champey means, pretty appropriate but IMHO the name should be “The beautiful place where the river goes under the earth”. It is a phenomenal karst bridge, the river eroded its way under the rocks forming a cave and on top of the […]

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15 Nov

Lanquin caves

Short bumpy ride to Lanquin and again no doubles at el retiro, a really nice place along the rio Lanquin. We decide to visit the nearby caves around 5 pm so that we’ll be there when thousands of bats will flight out for some food. Really impressing, it’s crazy how many of them live in […]

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14 Nov

xela nebaj coban

we actually wanted to go to Nebaj and stay there but seen the weather we decided to keep on going and to go to Coban. 9 hours after leaving Xela we get to one of the prettiest house we have been. Unfortunately the have no double rooms and we take a dorm. The dinner is […]

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13 Nov

Xela again and finally and Embassy appointment

So, finally in our inbox there could be a date for the embassy appointment… and there it is: all November is full then sometime in December… S*ç%)(+!T no good. Luckly around 10am THE GOOD NEWS is there: Dear applicants, you’ll be interviewed on the 19th Nov. 2007 at 13.00!!! YESSSSSS FINALLY!!! now, of course we […]

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12 Nov

Fuentes Georgina

After some hot dipping we leave this beautiful place towards Xela for what is going to be maybe a travel day. As we get to Xela we have to go and check if we got all the infos from Steamboat in order to fix an appointement with the embassy… it almost happened… but only almost. […]

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11 Nov

Sunrise on the Tajamulco (4220m)

YESSSS! That was 4 am when we left the camp! We had to climb only less than one our to go to the top. We were finally feeling kind of warm again.(even if we had to stop every 10 min to wait for the turtles.. It was only 5 am when we both broke our […]

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10 Nov

Tajamulco base camp (4005m)

Here is the plan. Today we have to climb till the camp at 4000m where we gonna spend the night. And tomorrow at 3.40 am we will do the rest to the top to see the sunrise. First of all we had to take tree buses to arrive at the starting point. The ascent was […]

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09 Nov

Quetzaltenango (Xela)

Nothing special, we just chilled and signed up to climb the Tamajulco volcano, 4220m, highest point in Central America the next two days.

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07 Nov

Santa Cruz – San Pedro la laguna

We did our third move on the other side of the lake to San Pedro la laguna. It is a bad choice. Should be bohemian but it is just disappointing. The good new was that we got a positive answer from Guatemala city embassy. We can finally be interviewed there to get our visa for […]

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06 Nov

Diving a caldera (volcano lake)

Well…it was….refreshing! We had a 7mm full body wet suit plus another 7 mm shorties! After 45 min, your are happy to feel the sun again! Marco’s point of view gonna be probably different but there weren’t much to see. A few crabs and fishes. The highlight was probably at the end of the dive […]

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05 Nov

pana – santa cruz

We heard of some possibilities of diving in the lake, so we headed up toward on hostal-diving-school called “La Iguana Perdida”. The location is wonderful and there is a nice backpackers community. We signed up for the next morning dive. It is going to be my first dive in a lake…will see…

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04 Nov

chichicastenango’s market – panajachel

As you can see on the pictures, the biggest market of Guatemlala: Chichicastenango is amazingly colorful. Here, You can find everything made of the famous rainbow color material. And it is not only for the tourist. 95% of the women are still wearing traditional costumes. And this is really nice. We personally bought 10 hats..yeahh.. […]

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03 Nov


chill out today, we just stroll around Antigua and go to the weekly market… buy of the day 5 DVD’s –> the whole first season of Rome for 10 UD$.

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02 Nov

Ever seen Lava before?

This afternoon, we ( and 100 other persons) climbed the active Volcan Pacaya. It was…No comment, the pictures speak for themselves!

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01 Nov

copan ruins – antigua

Today we began the cultural part of the trip. Our first Maya ruins…Copan. We had decided to take a guide, which is much more interesting than reading the bible Lonely. And you know what, he speaks French!! and really well. The site (post classic maya period) is beautiful and we are waved by the few […]

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31 Oct

copan – oktoberfest

Finally we can leave La Ceiba, destination Copan Ruinas with a super direct-20$-bus not bad uh? NO, BAD BAD BAD! The super direct bus stops for 3 hours in San Pedro Sula… F()*(çERç*çK!Whatever we get to Copan in the afternoon and we discover that the same evening there will be an Oktoberfest!!!After some rest we […]

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30 Oct

to the dentist again

well, not to much today beside the fact that I had to spend almost 2 more hours in the morning and 1 more in the afternoon with my new dentist… but all in all she did a really good job… Let’s see who’ll find the difference.

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29 Oct

Finally a ferry, rafting and the tooth issue

5.45am i run to the dock to see if the ferry is running… 6.13: YESSS! Despite the bad weather we can finally leave.In La Ceiba we catch a desert storm cargo bus to go to a lodge on the rio Canjrenal where we’ll raft and spend a relaxing afternoon and night recovering from the Utilean […]

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28 Oct

Waiting for the good weather and the ferry

25 – 28.10 so so, we came to Utila to dive the continental trench on its north side but the weather seams to have other plans for us… apparently it’s the worst week since months. Strong wind and heavy rains hold the diving boats on the south side of the island too bad. Since the […]

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24 Oct

Diving Utila

Meeting point 7a.m, it was raining cats and dogs and wasn’t really the sexy cliché of the Caribbean. At all. Let’s go to bed again. New meeting point : 12.30p.m. The weather seemed better so we decided to go. The dives were nice, lots of soft corals but not so many fishes. During the second, […]

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23 Oct

La Union – Utila

Transit day: two buses, a ferry and 25 people welcoming you on the island and inviting you to stay in their hostel! Yes we want to dive and yes we are already certified. Here are the deals: 205$ for 10 dives and 5$ p.p for overnight. Not bad. Tomorrow we are going to dive again…coool!

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22 Oct

National park la Muralla

We were supposed to catch a “collectivo” (which is pick up used as a bus by local workers) to reach the national park, 14km further up. According to the Bible Lonely planet, it is really easy as they are numerous. We start hiking through the village at 6.20a.m, thinking that we will hijack one of […]

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21 Oct

Tegus – La Union

Even when your are on vacation, these transit days are long. When you wake up at 7a.m, you get on the first chicken bus from 8 to 10.30. Wait 2 hours to catch the next one already overloaded with people, so that you have to stand up 2 hours and a half under the arm […]

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20 Oct


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19 Oct

Leon – Teguchigualpa

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18 Oct


mmm today we search the all afternoon for new shoes, found 2 really cool pairs for me and one for Sarah… guess what? Exact, our size was finished “pas de bol”

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17 Oct

Leon Viejo

Today we went to the ruins of the old Leon,former capital of the Nicaraguan Province at that time and classified world heritage by Unesco. The town was found in the 16th century and a abandoned less than 90 years later because of two successive earthquake and volcano eruption. The cool thing is that we were […]

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16 Oct

Granada – Leon

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15 Oct

Still in Granada

As said, Granada is a wonderful colonial town where we could easily stay for a while. All the houses have an inside yard with lots a plants. I’m pretty sure that the wealthiest man of the city is the rocking chair builder. There are just everywhere. It is so relaxing and comfortable. Well during those […]

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14 Oct

THE Shoes are gone…

This morning when we woke up we had a litte surprise. First, for you to understand I have to give you some background informations. Remember the hiking in the mud, the multiple days with lots of rain and the 150 % of humidity everywhere you go not allowing your shoes to dry off! Well after […]

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13 Oct

Ometepe – Granada

Today is a transit day, we moved from our beautiful finca to the colonial city of Granada. The transfer was painless… our muscles painful from the volcano hike. whatever, we get to Granada by 3p.m. and after a 20minutes deadly walk with all our gear we find a nice hostel, leave the backpacks and go […]

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