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26 Jul

Diving Baron Gautsch – Porec – Piran

The northern Adriatic is well known not only for its pretty coastline but as well for the many wrecks. Today I (Sarah didn’t come due to the super cold water) went for the nicest one, the Baron Gautsch. After a painfully slow 2 hours diesel boat ride we enter the water to descend on the […]

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23 Jul

Diving Cres

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01 Nov

Mabul – Sipadan

We were so excited (event without sleep at all) to dive Sipadan and I have to say while trying to get some rest, I was thinking that to compensate this spoiled Mabul island, it must be really really really cool! Well it was…it is crazy to think that we were working only 50 min away […]

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30 Oct

Diving in Pom Pom

Here Some Great pictureso of the diving around PomPom Island:

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29 Aug

Almost a week

So,  It has been a week from when Sarah and I were still renewing our (now awesome) apartment in Sagogn and now I’m living on a semi-tiny Island east of Semporna (Sabah, Malaysia). The island is about 30minutes around (that’s what people tell me, I haven’t  done it yet, but tomorrow I will ) and […]

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26 Aug

First day on PomPom

Hello from the island! Finally yesterday I got on the island, after a long day waiting for the boat to get me here, I can now see myself how it looks like. It is actually veeery beautiful! today I got to do my first two dives and to guide a snorkeling trip. Very cool, I […]

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29 Aug

Mosquera & Seymour

New spots, new guide, new luck!? We try, the first dive site is supposed to be a very good site to spot white tips and hammerheads, the second to see Rays (eagle, golden and maybe manta). After a semi-complicated start caused by the new girl that didn’t have enough weight and the DM loosing her, […]

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28 Aug


Early day today, we meet at the dive shop at 7… we leave for Floreana, the southernmost of Galapagos Islands, about 30 nautical miles from Puerto Ayora. The trip there lastas about two hours and the ocean is fairly calm but it manages to knock down Ryan and Luca’s wife and to make Sarah focus […]

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27 Aug

Gordon’s Rock

Yipiha..we are finally going diving!! With all the underwater advertising picture that we saw, we were more than ready to see school of hammerheads, whale sharks, turtles, penguins and all the rest. Apparently the place is one of the best to see what we really want to see: Hammerheads. We had the video camera of […]

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26 May

Diving with Sea Lions

DIVE VIDEO___ Oh my god we were so excited! diving with sea lions, can you imagine that! It was luckily a beautiful day and it helped us putting our 2 x 6mm wet suit on, which -i translate- means that it was going to be damned cold. And it was…13 ° C! ouahhhhhhhhh ( that’s […]

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11 May

Technical Cave Diving

So, finally I’ve done it… After trying several times to take a Technical cave diving course and not being able to squeeze it into out plans, this time I managed to get in touch with Steve Bogaerds and organize the course over the last 3 days. Was really cool, and I learned a lot. Yesterday, […]

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05 Dec

179 min in Nohoch Nah Chich

Well, what to say, the 5th of December in Playa is becoming a traditional day for wonderful long cave dives: last year was 132 minutes in Sac Aktun going to cenote Bosh, this year 179min in Nohoch Nah Chic. Same as last year it was hard to organize the dive but it was mooooore than […]

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