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02 Sep

Caleta Tortuga Negra

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01 Sep

Puerto Egas & Bartolome

Puerto Egas Bartolome

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31 Aug

Cerro Dragon & Rabida

Cerro Dragon Rabida

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30 Aug

Darwin Station

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29 Aug

Mosquera & Seymour

New spots, new guide, new luck!? We try, the first dive site is supposed to be a very good site to spot white tips and hammerheads, the second to see Rays (eagle, golden and maybe manta). After a semi-complicated start caused by the new girl that didn’t have enough weight and the DM loosing her, […]

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28 Aug


Early day today, we meet at the dive shop at 7… we leave for Floreana, the southernmost of Galapagos Islands, about 30 nautical miles from Puerto Ayora. The trip there lastas about two hours and the ocean is fairly calm but it manages to knock down Ryan and Luca’s wife and to make Sarah focus […]

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27 Aug

Gordon’s Rock

Yipiha..we are finally going diving!! With all the underwater advertising picture that we saw, we were more than ready to see school of hammerheads, whale sharks, turtles, penguins and all the rest. Apparently the place is one of the best to see what we really want to see: Hammerheads. We had the video camera of […]

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26 Aug

Galapagos – Puerto Ayora

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24 Aug


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20 Aug


We stayed 4 days in Baños. The place wasnice (even though Vilcabamba had a better setting) and I would say with too many tourists around. We had great plans and hips of activities to choose from but my stomach didn’t let us enjoy the place as much as the rainy weather. So Marco decided to […]

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18 Aug


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16 Aug


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16 Aug

Jaen – Vilcabamba… Welcome to Ecuador

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26 Jul


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22 Jul

Arequipa- Welcome to Peru!

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21 Jul

Copacabana- Islas Flotantes

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20 Jul

Titicaca lake – Isla del Sol

A two hour boat ride that brought us to Isla del Sol on the Titicaca lake was sooooo slow, that swimming would have been faster. Anyway the landscape was just amazing. The lake is dark blue and the islands are yellowish. Isla de Sol is supposed to be the beginning of the Inca religion because […]

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19 Jul

Rurrenabaque – Copacabana

The 3 days boat ride we did a few days earlier saved us about 18 hours of gravel road. Even though it was the budget of 2 days, we decided to take the plane, bringing us back to La Paz. As we arrived at the airport, we saw a bunch of cows grazing the landing […]

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16 Jul

3 days in “La Pampa”

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13 Jul

3 Days boat tour to Rurrenabaque

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12 Jul


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11 Jul

La Paz-Coroico

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10 Jul

La Ruta de la Muerte

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08 Jul

La Paz

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05 Jul


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04 Jul

Potosi’s mines

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03 Jul


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02 Jul


No picture for this post: just an explanation. After our 3 days in the desert, we headed to Potosi. The 6 hours ride by bus ( first experience with Bolivian bus) were just the worst…After the good no wonderful quality of service in Argentina, we ( I) were not prepared to THAT. -10°c inside by […]

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30 Jun

3 Days in the Desert

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29 Jun

San Pedro de Atacama

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28 Jun

Salta-San Pedro de Atacama (Chile)

Finally the bus company tells us that the Paso de Jama road (around 5300m) has been cleared from snow and that we can leave for Chile. The ride is magnificent, form Salta (around 1000m) it’s all up, we pass Jujuy, Pumamarca, Salinas Grande and finally after an incredible valley, get to the Argentinian border (4000m). […]

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25 Jun

Stuck in Salta

We were supposed to leave Salta for Chile asap, but it was snowing up there at 5300m so our bus was canceled tree days in a row. Instead we enjoyed our last moments in Argentina by eating as much meat as we could. VIVA LA PARILLA!

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23 Jun


Well it was a long day on the road but just fantastic. The morning was meant to be a 50 km – 2 hours and a half of driving to a small village named Iruya so you can imagine the road conditions. Well we could have been on time if we hadn’t flat the tire […]

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22 Jun


Unfortunately the train de las Nubes (of the clouds) isn’t working anymore, so instead we rented a Fiat punto for two days to follow part of the same way. That was an excellent idea. The road was amazing (even though really bumpy for our small old car). Mountains were colorful and cactus were shining under […]

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21 Jun


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19 Jun

Valle Fertil, Ischigualasto, Talampaya

After leaving Mendoza we got to San Agustin de Valle Fertil, a small village the is known among travelers only for being the starting point for trips to the Ischigualasto (moon valley) and Talampaya parks. Once we got to hostel we met Thierry, a Fribourgeois we had met in Malargüe coupple of days ago and […]

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17 Jun

Aconcagua at 6968 mts

6968 m, the highest point of the Americas, this is the Mt. Aconcagua, 3 hours SW of Mendoza. Of course, many people come here to conquer this giant, but not many do that in June (beginning of the southern hemisphere’s winter) and neither do we. Anyway, being so close to it we decide to go […]

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15 Jun


So, here we are, the wine-country of mendoza. All the best argentinian wines come from her and of curse, we’re goin to taste as many as possible. We dedicated the first and second day to visiting the lovely city, watching euro08 games, eating and drinking fine and working on the usual web project. The last […]

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13 Jun

Las Leñas – Malarguë

For the French speaking people, the opening day of the “Las Lenas” ski resort was a live remake of the movie “Les bronzés font du ski”. That day was free for everybody so 14 buses of students from Mendoza showed up for this occasion with Mam and Dad outfits from the 70’s…sssoooo funny. Not to […]

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11 Jun

San Rafael

San Raphael is the place where our friend from Steamboat Axel live the rest of the year and it is on the way to Las Leñas where we want to ski!!! and guess what! there is wineries around…founded by swiss people! we visited the “Suter” one. the difference between home and Argentina is that they […]

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08 Jun

Bariloche again

During the following 2 days in Bariloche the weather was really bad! rain and a lot of winds…so our days were composed of euro cup sessions and work!

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07 Jun


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCO !!! we had a delicious fondue (mmmmh) in a restaurant called “le chalet suisse”! the guys was originaly from Zurich!

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06 Jun

Bariloche (Colonia Suiza)

With the swiss national team playing that day, we thought that we could visit a small village nearby called colonia suiza and watch the match with swiss people because this place has been founded by two swiss French family (the mermod and the goys) about 3 generations ago.What a bad idea! To get there, we […]

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05 Jun

El Bolson – Bariloche

We are in well-know Bariloche. The place is wonderful, we could be in Lausanne and it would be the same! lake and mountains in front. They just took OUR St-Bernard dogs as they were from argentina….pfffff!

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04 Jun

El Bolson

El bolson is settled in a really nice place, surrounded by high mountains, unfortunately it is raining so we don’t really get the chance to visit this place. Only the small local “feria”, with a few hippies standing behind their stands and selling their own marmalade or wristband in order to survive…you know what i […]

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03 Jun

El Chalten to Saramiento

After the awesome days at el Chalten we decide to move a bit back north. Patagonia in winter is great but unfortunately in low (if not death) season and a lot of services are not available anymore. Our plan was to hit north on the Ruta 40 which winds trough the Andes up all the […]

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01 Jun

cerro torre

well let’s do it again. An other trail but this time a close up to the cerro torre. I let you enjoy…

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31 May

fitz roy trail

Really nice 4 hours trail with a closer view on the fitz roy summit. I would like to show you but (HUh huh) I forgot our camera…. I can say that it was damned freezing and that walking in the snow without high boots is…refreshing!

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30 May

el calafate – el chalten

it was an “only” a 4 hours drive to el chalten (hihaaaa)! there was even a “pee stop” in the middle of nowhere. Just a “panaderia” that we seemed to wake up! For the explanation, the sun rise around 9.30 a.m here so everything you do around this time is really early for the locals. […]

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29 May

Perito Moreno

One of the only stable (not getting smaller) glaciers in the world is the Perito Moreno glacier, that happens to be just an hour from where we lodge… (maybe that’s why we’re there…) The other really cool thing about this glacier is that it ends in a lake and it continuously calves (blocks of ice […]

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