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06 Nov

Sepilok Orang Utan rehabilitation centre

Well, after seeing wild Orang Utans we are not really shore if we want to go to Sepilog since it is more of a touristy thing, at the end we decide that actually, although many tourists go there, a rehabilitation centre (for injured, house pets, …) is not a zoo, and they try to make […]

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04 Nov

Kinabatangan River

Our secret goal was to spot wild orangutans…well mission accomplished! Cruising early morning on the river we even had the chance to see some proboscis monkey, silver-leave monkey, gibbons, and some gorgeous birds while trekking at night time!

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03 Nov

Tabin wildlife reserve

Malaysia try to push 5 star resort travellers, which is really sad because lots of things are without reach of backpackers travellers. Danum Valley, Tabin Reserve and further Mont Kinabalu national park are managed by only one company that aims “wealthy” people! Nature and UNESCO world heritage should be “available” for everybody. Furthermore, backpackers allow […]

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16 Jul

3 days in “La Pampa”

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13 Jul

3 Days boat tour to Rurrenabaque

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30 May

el calafate – el chalten

it was an “only” a 4 hours drive to el chalten (hihaaaa)! there was even a “pee stop” in the middle of nowhere. Just a “panaderia” that we seemed to wake up! For the explanation, the sun rise around 9.30 a.m here so everything you do around this time is really early for the locals. […]

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26 May

Diving with Sea Lions

DIVE VIDEO___ Oh my god we were so excited! diving with sea lions, can you imagine that! It was luckily a beautiful day and it helped us putting our 2 x 6mm wet suit on, which -i translate- means that it was going to be damned cold. And it was…13 ° C! ouahhhhhhhhh ( that’s […]

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25 May

Whales in Puerto Madryn

After a 19 hours bus ride from BA, we are kind of tired (even though the bus are comfi it’s boring, very boring) but the weather is wonderful so we decided to have our late lunch on the beach. it was weird, we thought we were both hallucinating but finally after asking each other, it […]

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