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28 Jun

Salta-San Pedro de Atacama (Chile)

Finally the bus company tells us that the Paso de Jama road (around 5300m) has been cleared from snow and that we can leave for Chile. The ride is magnificent, form Salta (around 1000m) it’s all up, we pass Jujuy, Pumamarca, Salinas Grande and finally after an incredible valley, get to the Argentinian border (4000m). […]

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25 Jun

Stuck in Salta

We were supposed to leave Salta for Chile asap, but it was snowing up there at 5300m so our bus was canceled tree days in a row. Instead we enjoyed our last moments in Argentina by eating as much meat as we could. VIVA LA PARILLA!

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23 Jun


Well it was a long day on the road but just fantastic. The morning was meant to be a 50 km – 2 hours and a half of driving to a small village named Iruya so you can imagine the road conditions. Well we could have been on time if we hadn’t flat the tire […]

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22 Jun


Unfortunately the train de las Nubes (of the clouds) isn’t working anymore, so instead we rented a Fiat punto for two days to follow part of the same way. That was an excellent idea. The road was amazing (even though really bumpy for our small old car). Mountains were colorful and cactus were shining under […]

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21 Jun


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19 Jun

Valle Fertil, Ischigualasto, Talampaya

After leaving Mendoza we got to San Agustin de Valle Fertil, a small village the is known among travelers only for being the starting point for trips to the Ischigualasto (moon valley) and Talampaya parks. Once we got to hostel we met Thierry, a Fribourgeois we had met in Malargüe coupple of days ago and […]

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17 Jun

Aconcagua at 6968 mts

6968 m, the highest point of the Americas, this is the Mt. Aconcagua, 3 hours SW of Mendoza. Of course, many people come here to conquer this giant, but not many do that in June (beginning of the southern hemisphere’s winter) and neither do we. Anyway, being so close to it we decide to go […]

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15 Jun


So, here we are, the wine-country of mendoza. All the best argentinian wines come from her and of curse, we’re goin to taste as many as possible. We dedicated the first and second day to visiting the lovely city, watching euro08 games, eating and drinking fine and working on the usual web project. The last […]

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13 Jun

Las Leñas – Malarguë

For the French speaking people, the opening day of the “Las Lenas” ski resort was a live remake of the movie “Les bronzés font du ski”. That day was free for everybody so 14 buses of students from Mendoza showed up for this occasion with Mam and Dad outfits from the 70’s…sssoooo funny. Not to […]

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31 May

fitz roy trail

Really nice 4 hours trail with a closer view on the fitz roy summit. I would like to show you but (HUh huh) I forgot our camera…. I can say that it was damned freezing and that walking in the snow without high boots is…refreshing!

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