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25 Nov


Our last two days on Borneo, what shall we do? Of course run to a national park for the last bits of nature full immersion. Bako national park is a costal park only half an hour from Kuching but definetly remote enough, in fact

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24 Nov

Sarawak cultural village

Well, we can’t really say that our trip was a cultural trip, unles you consider seeing plenty of wildlife is a cultural activity. Since we decided to cut the batan rejang side trip to go to bako national park we had lowered the quota of cultural activity to nearly 0. So we decided to go […]

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23 Nov


We thought that for our first day in kuching we will just spend it walking around. Since we arrived pretty late with the bus the night before, it was a late morning start! Never mind, the town isn’t so big so we will have time! The atmosphere there was unusual, different from Miri or KK! […]

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21 Nov

Mulu – Miri – Bintulu – Kuching -> indecision costs time

This whole trip has been kind of not super organized, I guess that it’s because we tackled it as a long trip (as the last two we dud in the americas) but 30 days is not that much and you have to plan a bit more… Nothing drammatic of course, just that you might end […]

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19 Nov

Mulu act 2

The night shift! That was definitely one of the 10 RM we spent! Apart from the 3 Germans guys that kept speaking very loud ( the key point when you try to see the wildlife at night is to SHUT UP!) We saw snakes (yes with an s and one of them felt on our […]

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18 Nov

The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles, the one sight I remember most (maybe the paradise bird dance – but that was in Papua New Guinea) from Planet Earth when David Attenbourgh is narrating about Borneo! What he does not tell is that they got there by helicopter and that getting there on foot involves quite a lot sweating and […]

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16 Nov


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15 Nov

Niah Caves

If you have ever seen the best documentaries series ever made (BBC’s Planet Earth, which we super highly recomend) you will feel confortable with this and the next posts since we are starting the main course of our trip. Niah Caves and the Gunung Mulu national park. But first things first, today we took a […]

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