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16 Apr

Changing air – from MSc to Alaska face in Laax

Well today I totally had enough of writhing my thesis so I decided to go Freeriding. 8.00 meeting at Piazza ant up to the Vorab where we “woke up” the lifty to turn the lift on after a cool run at Vorab Ost we decided that the Alaska face would be a good target… it […]

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03 Feb

Dolomiti to Stelvio via Bolzano

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02 Feb


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01 Feb

Marmolada e Val Mezdi

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31 Jan

Val Chedul Ski Touring

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30 Jan


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27 Jul

Driving home

8.30, wow we imagined it was going to get hot much earlier in the car, but better so! a quick dip in the lake and we choose the shortest (Km wise) route. After having to deal with 40 Km of German traffic on the coastal road (it is horrible how many German tourists there are […]

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26 Jul

Last day in Slovenia

the last day in Slovenia A lot is left to do For today we originally planned to do just a couple of things, but then we thought it might be good to not drive all the way back to CH on the Italian motorways, this would allow us to save 200km while adding “only” 5 […]

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26 Jul

Diving Baron Gautsch – Porec – Piran

The northern Adriatic is well known not only for its pretty coastline but as well for the many wrecks. Today I (Sarah didn’t come due to the super cold water) went for the nicest one, the Baron Gautsch. After a painfully slow 2 hours diesel boat ride we enter the water to descend on the […]

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11 Jul

Val Gardena – Lorenzago di Cadore

Weel, today is mountain day, we are in the Dolomites and even if we are only passing by the call of the summits is to big to resist so we decide to do a via ferrata. Aftre some gear shopping, we head to the start and with some struggles (well Italian trail marking wasn’t really […]

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10 Jul

Santa Maria – Val Gardena

What a day! so sunny without a cloud! our plan was to head toward Mustair and visit the UNESCO world heritage Abbey. Really beautiful and still inhabited with (yes) real nones, this site has been listed because it is in (re)construction since the 7th century! After this refreshing visit, we thought that driving the famous […]

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29 Nov


since we hadn’t done much “cultural” (as in humanistic discipline) during the whole month, we though that Melaka would be a good place to stop on the way to KL. Indeed it was, Melaka is a small city on the Melaka straight. This strategic position made of the city a major hub for Asia trading […]

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19 Nov

Mulu act 2

The night shift! That was definitely one of the 10 RM we spent! Apart from the 3 Germans guys that kept speaking very loud ( the key point when you try to see the wildlife at night is to SHUT UP!) We saw snakes (yes with an s and one of them felt on our […]

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18 Nov

The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles, the one sight I remember most (maybe the paradise bird dance – but that was in Papua New Guinea) from Planet Earth when David Attenbourgh is narrating about Borneo! What he does not tell is that they got there by helicopter and that getting there on foot involves quite a lot sweating and […]

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16 Nov


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15 Nov

Niah Caves

If you have ever seen the best documentaries series ever made (BBC’s Planet Earth, which we super highly recomend) you will feel confortable with this and the next posts since we are starting the main course of our trip. Niah Caves and the Gunung Mulu national park. But first things first, today we took a […]

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08 Nov

Mt. Kinabalu wake up call ( at least for those who slept) and let’s do the highway to the summit with 50 other persons! Good side of waiting in a jam…you are not starting too fast! After overtaking almost all of them, we make it to the top in 2 hours!! Unfortunately it is really cold […]

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02 Sep

Caleta Tortuga Negra

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01 Sep

Puerto Egas & Bartolome

Puerto Egas Bartolome

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31 Aug

Cerro Dragon & Rabida

Cerro Dragon Rabida

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30 Aug

Darwin Station

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29 Aug

Mosquera & Seymour

New spots, new guide, new luck!? We try, the first dive site is supposed to be a very good site to spot white tips and hammerheads, the second to see Rays (eagle, golden and maybe manta). After a semi-complicated start caused by the new girl that didn’t have enough weight and the DM loosing her, […]

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28 Aug


Early day today, we meet at the dive shop at 7… we leave for Floreana, the southernmost of Galapagos Islands, about 30 nautical miles from Puerto Ayora. The trip there lastas about two hours and the ocean is fairly calm but it manages to knock down Ryan and Luca’s wife and to make Sarah focus […]

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27 Aug

Gordon’s Rock

Yipiha..we are finally going diving!! With all the underwater advertising picture that we saw, we were more than ready to see school of hammerheads, whale sharks, turtles, penguins and all the rest. Apparently the place is one of the best to see what we really want to see: Hammerheads. We had the video camera of […]

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26 Aug

Galapagos – Puerto Ayora

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18 Aug


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19 Jun

Valle Fertil, Ischigualasto, Talampaya

After leaving Mendoza we got to San Agustin de Valle Fertil, a small village the is known among travelers only for being the starting point for trips to the Ischigualasto (moon valley) and Talampaya parks. Once we got to hostel we met Thierry, a Fribourgeois we had met in Malargüe coupple of days ago and […]

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