Today we head towards Slovenia. Just before crossing the border near Tarvisio we go to the Lago di Fusine where we have a walk in the woods I’ve a quick dip.
Just after the border we see a signal poining to a place called Planica, and I tell Sarah, I know that name, isn’t it a huge ski jump place? so we head there and it is indeed the ski flying trampoline (239m is the record).
After that we move to Kranjska Gora where we walk around a bit and then decide to go over the vsic pass to Trenta.

The road to the pass is amazing, right in the middle of the Julian Alps and the walls are just there. At a certain point, we can admire the 1000m tall nord wall (the 3rd biggest in europe) of the Prisank and we decide that the tomorrow we’ll do a ferrata in it that goes through the hole in the wall.
15 km of widing road after we are at the camp site in Trenta in the gourgeous valley where the Soca (Isonso) river is born.