Did you know that there are Griffon Vultures in Europe? I didn’t, but apparently the island of Cres is one of the only places where they are found. After visiting the small village of Cres we decide to check out if this Griffon really exist and head out toward the northern tip of the island where they are supposed to live. To positive surprise, on the way there we see two majestic birds circling over us and we start taking pictures like back in other trips when animal watching was one of our main activity. We visit the griffon’s rescue centre in Beli where we learn more about this huge (up to 3m wingspan) birds and have the chance to see 18 of them that are currently in rehabilitation after having been injured or poisoned by eating animals carcasses (in the sense that man want to kill the animal but then the griffon unfortunately eats the rests becoming poisoned as well). Cres has a Griffon population of about 70 couples, which is good, but there is less and less food since there are not many Sheppard any more.
In the afternoon we took a ferry to Istria and went to a beach waiting for the weather to get a bit cooler and then go climbing to Vela Draga. Unfortunately, we miscalculated a bit the distances and got only a couple of router at this amazing place made of calcium carbonate pinnacles. I got only two routes, but I worked hard, toooo hard for both of them ;)