8.30, wow we imagined it was going to get hot much earlier in the car, but better so! a quick dip in the lake and we choose the shortest (Km wise) route. After having to deal with 40 Km of German traffic on the coastal road (it is horrible how many German tourists there are there) and a bit of shopping in one of my favourites shops (Red point climbing store) in Arco we attack the first pass of the day. Our road is basically a straight line between Arco and Sagogn, which means just after the first small pass we arrive at the beginning of first “hors categorie” the G di Cadino and passo Croce Dominii (1893m starting from around 400m on a very tiny road), that takes us to Val Camunica. Passing by the valley I tell Sarah that the name says me something but I do not know what. Then we pass by a UNESCO sign that says “world centre of rock graving”, there we go, it was my Geo teacher that always talked about this place, so we go for a quick visit. The graving are a nice view but almost something for experts.
Over the colle dell’Aprica we get into valtellina and then enter Switzerland in Val Poschiavo where the custom officer checks our car looking for don’t know what.
Up to Passo Bernina (our second “Hors categorie” with 2328m) and then down into Engadin, over the Julier and we are back in Sagogn!!
Sounds short you say? more than 7 hours of secondary roads, around 5500m of altitude gain, two super slow trucks in the longest no overtake road, a picky custom officer and thousands of germans and dutch shitty drivers…